Dienstag, 5. Juli 2016

Tackling the Red Bear, Update 1

Three weeks have past since my last update and I managed to do a few things. To little in my opinion but if your not in the mood to paint don't do it.

I finished painting the infantry and they are ready to be based now. I finished 4 stands in excess they were already primend and I thought why not finish them.


Then I build the M3A1 armored cars and primed them in Olive Drab. For the cars of the company command I added some additional figures from the strelkovy batalon box and from the tankodesantniki blister.

 Company Command car

 Komissar transport
 The car of the second in command

For Team Yankee I worked on some T72 but the tank commanders decals and some weathering is still missing.

For the next update I would like to finish the basing on the infantry and finish the M3A1 cars. If I still have some time left I will work maybe on some T72 there are still 12 more. Thanks for reading see you soon.

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