Montag, 13. Juni 2016

Tackling the Red Bear, the first List

To get playing fast I was looking for a list which includes roughly 50% of models I have already painted or are near completion. Since I ordered a number of M3A1 armored cars and I dread the task of painting a strelkovy batalon. I decided to paint a Rota Razvedki.

So this is the army list. I have no idea how it will fare against other lists. The bigest plus for this is that it features a couple common soviet units. For example the heavy mortars, BA-64, DShK AA trucks and the T-34. In addition the infantry stands will be usefull when I go for a proper Strelkovy in the future. 

This is the current status of the list. So the Lees, BA-64 and the Zis-3 platoons are ready. The T-34 need commanders and decals the AA Trucks need the gun crew. The rest needs more work. So this is what I will paint in the coming weeks. 
To keep the motivation I will space out the infantry platoons and paint a vehicle platoon in between. And if I need some distraction from the Soviets I have some SAGA Anglo Danes waiting for paint.

Thanks for reading

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