Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2015

Bolt Action Germans

Hi there
Late last year a local friendly gaming store organized a escalation campaign for Bolt Action. Since I had a lot of other hobby projects at the time I was reluctant to start another gaming system and I did not participate. In January I changed my mind and as it often is with me I went big. I got 2000 points of German Fallschirmjäger. Yes Splittertarn that will be fine to paint in 28mm... I quick painted a squad but surprisingly  I kind of lost the joy of Splittertarn quiet fast. Who saw that coming?
In May I went on and got a Pegasus Bridge from Warlord Games and with it came some standard Grenadiers. What you see in this post is all what I have painted until today and there are still more Jäger and Grenadiers waiting. It might not be the best of paintjobs but it should be enough from a gamers point of view, so enjoy.

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