Donnerstag, 27. August 2015

SAGA Normans

Hi everybody

This week something different from Flames of War. Despite having actually enough running gaming projects we recently got into SAGA. But probably you all know about the hobby clock and finishing all models... 

Since it was a small project I finished painting my 4 Point Norman Warband Starter Set from Grippingbeast quiet fast. This are the first 4 points and more cavalery models are on my painting table at the moment. I hope that the others will finish their warbands soon so we can do some battle reports. 

Without further ado here the pictures of my small warband.
The so far completed Normans.

Four Veterans and the crossbow man in the background

The other four veterans and some archers in the background

The warlord for the moment, I'll probably end up using a William the Conqueror model

The crossbow warriors

And up close

Levy archers

Levy up close
They are far from perfect but for me they are gaming pieces. And yes I know that you're supposed to use white glue for the roofs but I like the furry look and feel.

Thanks for reading and happy wargaming.


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