Donnerstag, 13. August 2015

ETC Recap

So a few days have past since we returned from Prague and I think it's time to make a short personal recap.

We started this years ETC early on Thursday morning after bus, train and flight we arrived in Prague. We met the rest of the team in the hotel and set out to find something for lunch. After getting something to we went to the venue to have a look around and take a first beer.

The goal for this tournament was to hold our class so to place somewhere between 11th and 15th. We had a few hick-ups in our preparation and this seamed reasonable. Our first opponent was Team Greece consisting of a lot of friends it was a wonderful match up to start into this event. Playing Dust Up against a giant greek infantry company I some how had the feeling of drawing out and in the end this happened. I shut down the reserves but was unable to break into the defense of the objectives. The battle ended in a 3-1 mutual loss slightly in my favor but only big points matter.
Second round was against Team Spain and their Captain playing a Motorstrelkovy list the mission was Fighting Withdrawal. I pushed my Carri boldly up and let him sweat till he broke my company in turn 7 resulting in a 3-4 loss for my.

Day two startet against Team Hungary and I played against Wojtek which I already played last year. The mission was No Retreat and he defended with his polish cavalry. His dice were some what cold and so I could kill of his anti tank capabilities and win this match 6-1. So I would at least not go home with a 0-6 record. In the afternoon we played against Team Ireland again a team we faced last year. I got kind of a bad match up for my Carri with Brian playing his heavy soviet lend lease tanks. I managed to get two platoon kills but I lost the Breakthrough 3-4. It was a real pleasure to play these chaps and I hope that at some point in the future I can make a trip to their island.

In the fifth round we played against Team Romania and I drew a Armoured Car Squadron in Counterattack. I faced something similar at the last tournament and I didn’t like it then so I was kind of biased. Dan played it well and again I maid my opponent sweat but in the end I had to live with a 3-4 loss. Romania was a great opponent and the truly deserve the Titel of Favored Opponent. In the after noon tired and sweating the last opponent was Team Belarus in Free for All. I played against Dominics Tankovy with T-34, T-28, T-60 and BT-7A. My dice were ice cold I really had the impression I couldn’t pass a single firepower. After having lost my only reliable weapon against the T-34 and my air support being apparently drinking chianti on the airfield I lost the last game 3-4.

In the end I had just one victory in 6 games. I had some bad match ups but since it is a team tournament some one has to face the stuff the others don’t want to. Being thrown into the meatgrinder so many times I'm thinking of adding the name Winkelried, a Swiss national hero, to my shirt for next year. I did at least 3 small points in every game which I think is not so bad after all. I made a lot of my opponents sweat even though they had the game already at the pairing.

Over all we are happy with our result but on Sunday evening I was happy to put my early war toys a side. We will come back next year for Mid War in Athens if I’ll play I don’t know right now. But somehow even with the suboptimal organization this year if your infected with the ETC virus you wanna come back.


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