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2014 in Retrospect

Hi all

Thank you that you're still reading this blog! We were not so frequently posting this year this had multiple reasons some personal and some related to the extrem busy hobby year, so thank you that you are still interested. We have just a few days left in 2014 so it might be a good point to do a review of the year and see once again what we did in 2014.

So lets start:

January, February, March

We started the year with our first tournament in sight. A lot of terrain was built to get the needed tables for Bring your own Tank! Every moment invested in casting, gluing and painting was worth it we recieved a good feed back for the tables at the event. And having done all of it we don't need to do it again and can go forward from here.

Some pictures of "Bring your own Tank!":

Also around February Maurus and I were contacted by Duf to join the Swiss Team for the ETC in Novi Sad. The team met in this years configuration for the first time at the end of March and we started to tune our lists to fill the role in the team. Maurus started to think how to tune his Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiere to the point and I worked my way into the Legkiy Samokhodno-Artillyeriyskiy Polk. I actually started playing Soviets a thing I never thought possible.

April, May, June

After a busy March we slowed down a bit in April just painting up some models for the Italy Campaign of Sadly we found just the time to submitted two battlereports for the campaign. We hope we'll be able to participate more in a future campaign.

Some pictures of the AAR for the campaign:

In May we went to a small tournament near Stuttgart it was quite succussful.

July, August, September

July, August and September were extremly busy months. With the ETC coming closer we were invited by a team mate to a practice weekend. And in true swiss fashion we went to his Chalet in the swiss alps some might say we went into the Reduit. It was an superb weekend with a lot of fun and Schnapps.

Novi Sad was the host city of this years mother of all team tournaments in FoW the ETC. With the goal to place in the upper half of the table we went into the competion. England as first opponent was a nut to hard to crack open for us but over the turn of 6 rounds against Ireland, Hungary, Portugal, Finnland and Austria we managed to get to the 12th place out of 26.

Some pictures of ETC:

 With August coming to a close I diced that it would be time for another "field trip" to Normandy.

September saw our second tournament "Bogged Down!" a two player team tournament with the lists restricted to eastern front only.

Some pictures of "Bogged Down!":

October, November, December

After last years Total War game this year there was a 1000P. Mid War tournament at the Unidé convention in Yverdon. After three rounds and a day of gaming which resulted in the second last and last place as well as the first the ride home was some what strange.

Some pictures of "Unidé 1000P Mid War":

With Early War being next years ETC choice the last tournament of the year in Colombier was 1550 points of Early War. Trying out my Japanese I managed not a whole lot never the less it was a weekend of fun.

Some pictures from "Colombier 14":

I left out some small projects which we completed or are in progress. I hope you will see those soon in a post.

It was a fully packed but fun year and I hope you had a blast with your hobby like us. We wish you a merry chrismas and a good start in 2015. Thanks for reading.

Cheers - Markus

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