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Italy, River Crossing - Parachute Rifle Company vs. Stützpunkt

So here we go...

To start the Italy campaign and to give Philipps company a starting point for the fictional background we decided to do a river crossing mission. The Parachute Rifle Company was orderd to cross the Garigliano River at dawn. Supported by a preliminary bombardment of the german positions and later heavy offboard artillery (NGFS) they charged out of thier foxholes into the fire of the waiting germans.

Attacker, Parachute Rifle Company (504. PIR)

Company HQ with 3 Bazookas
Parachute Rifle Platoon with Bazooka
Parachute Rifle Platoon with Bazooka
Parachute Rifle Platoon with Bazooka
Rifle Platoon (3rd Div)
5 Shermans
NGFS (Destroyer)
Priority Airsupport

Defender, Hoch und Deutschmeister Stützpunkt

Stützpunkt HQ
Stützpunkt Platoon with PaK40 Pillbox
Stützpunkt Platoon with PaK43 Pillbox
2 Minefields
Reichsgrenadier Artillery Battery

Mission: River Crossing (improvised)

The american forces are task with establishing a bridgehead over the Garigliano River and to take the village beyond.

The american lines.

The objectiv in the village.
The other objectiv in the fields outside the town.
The bombardment is largely ineffectiv killing just two teams and a spotter in the town.
The G.I.s move up to the riverbanks.

German HMG nests open up suppressing the first platoon with the CiC.

The Platoon of the 3rd Inf. Div. gets hit by artillery.

The other flank gets pinned down as well.

The devils in baggy pants push on into the river.

In a bold move the third Parachute Rifle Platoon tries to cross the river wading through it.
Shermans move out to suppress the withering machinegun fire.
The german fire takes its toll.

The grenadiers in the town had enough for the day.


After suffering the loss of three platoons Philipp calls the game, sparing his men the fate of their comrads.

The battles ends in a bloody 5-2 for the Germans.

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