Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014

Italy, Pincer - Rifle Company vs. Schwere Panzerkompanie

After the disastrous start for the Airborne we decided to go with an assault of the 3rd Inf. Division on a town held by a small german force. The germans dispatched a Kompanie of the dreaded Tiger tanks to help the garrison.

Attacker, Rifle Company, 3nd Infantry Division
Company HQ, with 2x Bazookas
Rifle Platoon, 3x Squads
Assault Platoon, 3x Squads
Intelligence & Recon Platoon, 3x Squads
Tankdestroyer Platoon, 4x M10
Sherman  Platoon (1nd A.D.), 5x M4A1 Sherman
Field Artillery Battery, 4x M2A1 105mm howitzer
Priority Airsupport (P40)

American Forces have established a bridgehead over the Garigliano River. To widen the base of operation an attack on the small town of Pilone has been orderd. Reports indicate that just a small german force holds the town. Expect just light opposition.

Defender, Schwere Panzerkompanie, 508. Schwere Panzer Abteilung

in the Pilone:
Grenadier Platoon, 3x Squads
Schweres Panzerjäger Platoon, 1xElefant
Rocket Launcher Battery, 3x NW41

in delayed Reserves:
Schweres Panzerkompanie HQ, 2x Tiger 1E
Schweres Panzer Platoon. 2x Tiger 2E
Schweres Panzer Platoon, 1x Tiger 1E
Panzer Crew Tank-Hunter Platoon, 3x Squads

The Mission: Pincer (modified reserves just from one side)

"Hauptmann Güntsche, Aufklärung indicates an expected attack on Pilone. Leutnant Kümmel holds the town with his Platoon. He is supported by Nebelwerfer and Leutnant Müller in his Elefant. Your mission is to get to Kümmels position and hold Pilone at all costs."

The Battlefield

German deployment
 "Alarm! Herr Leutnant the americans they're coming our way!"
"Männer get ready. Let them come!"

 "Fahrer start the engine. Ami-Panzer 800 meter."

 The american deployment

In a bold move the recce moves up to the outskirts of the town to supprise the Nebelwerfers.
 "Jungs where are they coming from. Keep your heads down!"

Shermans move up behind the forrests.

US Airsupport swoops in and tries to knock out the Elefant.
"Dammit, where is the Luftwaffe!"

Screaming Mimis fire on the attacking G.I.s

Rifle and MG fire knocks out two recce jeeps.

The americans advance

The .50cal of the recce kills a Nebelwerfer
"Oh mein Gott, now they're behind us!"

In the center the Rifle Platoon gets pinned.
 Shermans move over the hedge into assaulting position.

In the center the advance goes on.
"Herr Leutnant they are some many! What shall we do?"
"Calm, help is most certainly underway."

A lucky artillery bombardment bails the Elefant.
"Alle raus! They have hit us badly."
 A Nebelwerfer gets crushed.

After losing another Jeep the recce fails it's moralcheck.
Neither the Elefant nor the Nebelwerfer pass thier checks to remount/unpin
"Herr Leutnant why does Müller not shoot, we're getting overrun?!"

With the Elefant still bailed out the Shermans get ready to crush the opposition in the field. But they hesitated to get the job completly done. The gernadiers are able to contest the objectiv for multiple turns as the Elefant refuses to remount.

Finaly, in the reserves arrive but are still on the other side of the town. (it's turn six)
"Herr Hauptmann, there are Ami Panzerjäger behind the hedge. Left, 50 meters!"
"Schütze, Feuer Frei!"

 In the center the assault of the rifleplatoon gets pinned down by outstanding marksmanship of the grenadiers.
"Jungs, jetzt zählts. Don't miss them!"

After taking the fire of the M10, the Tigers fire back killing 3 M10.

 The Elefant finaly remounts. After three turns of imminent defeat the battle swings in german favour.
"Leutnant, I think it might be safer inside the tank."

 More german reserves arrive.
"Güntsche kommen? We're moving up the main road towards the town square."
"Copy that, secure the south side of the road."
 Tigers and Panzer Crews move into position to attack the assault platoon in the big building.

 In a last attempt the Shermans attack the grenadiers which flee the battlefield. The Elefant and the 2iC in return kill enough to force a moralcheck which they fail.

 After a swift and bloody assault the US platoon is forced to flee the field.
 "Gut gemacht, they had enough!"

The american company is forced to withdraw. Güntsche made it just in time.
"Herr Hauptmann the americans are fleeing. Your orders?"
"Establish defensive position, we're waiting for further orders."


"Hauptmann Güntsche, thanks to your timely arrival we held the position in Pilone. Wait for further orders. You will get reinforcements shortly for an attack on the allied bridgehead."
A 4-3 victory for the Axis but a close one. With just a bit more cunning the game would have been over well before reserves would have arrived. The hesitation on the allied side in the end broke thier neck.

Thanks to all those who read the reports and can forgive me my typos. Good Luck for your next game. 

Cheers - Markus