Montag, 5. Mai 2014

DAK vs. British Indian Army, 1600 P., AAR

 Befor we will dive into the battles for Italy ( we decided to give Mauris finished Indian Army a go. The mission was Hasty Attack. Mauri defendet the right side of the board with his Rifle Company and I attacked from the left side with a Schützenkompanie. It was an intense game and luck swung back and forth it ended in a 4:3 win for Maurus.

The Battlefield, the objectives are in the top and bottom right corner and the left near the end of the runway.

 Schützen and Panzers ready to move out.

 The british defensiv line two Rifle Platoons, 25 pdr. and some 6 pdr. portees

 The 6 pdr. portees are the primary target in the first two rounds.

 Panzer and Schützen moved out to put some pressure on the objectiv.

 Air Support comes in bailing two Panzer IV.

The last Portee stays on the field.

 The Panzer and Schützen start contesting the objectiv.

 First turn for defender reserve and they come in at the right spot. 

The Schützen get decimated.

25 pdr. arrive knocking out the panzers.

More reserve arrive at the right spot.

Mortars and HMG's get killed by the second Schützenplatoon.

On the other half of the table the Rifle Platoon moves out.

 The fight for the objectiv is so intense that the correspondent forgets to take some pictures.

Both Companies were reduced to the breaking point after successfully passing a company moral check, the Gurkhas kill the CiC and the Germans leave the battlefield.

Thank you for reading. 
Cheers - Markus