Dienstag, 29. April 2014

Painting Update, Italy!

With our tournament done I have some time to do some other projects which were on my to-do list for a long time now. With the upcoming Italy campaign from WWPD and Battlefront I found the motivation to do some Fallschirmjäger which were sitting in a box for a long time. They are far from complete but never the less I wanted to show you the first finished platoons. In addition I finished some Semovente 105/25, Elefants and Panzer 3M for the fighting in Italy. 

 Fallschirmjäger Machinegun Platoon

Mittwoch, 2. April 2014

Bring Your Own Tank! Tournament Report

Hello All

This weekend 29th and 30th March we organised our first tournament, which was held in Würenlos. It was the first tournament in the German speaking part of Switzerland and 16 players from all over Switzerland attended the 1685 points late war event. It was a pleasure to meet our French-speaking friends again and to see a good mix of different players from beginner to veterans and from different regions.

We had some price support from Battlefront. Thank you for supporting the small number of players in Switzerland.

Final Standings
  1. Sebastien Freudiger           
  2. Etienne Dufour               
  3. Céderic Balmat               
  4. Philippe Saya                    
  5. Stefano Regazzoni          
  6. Simon Künzle            
  7. Wil Gijsbers            
  8. Jean-Philippe Carrard            
  9. Raphaël Bosson            
  10. Philipp Wilhelm           
  11. Anthony Pinto                       
  12. Wasilios Kloukas           
  13. Roland Jutzi                       
  14. Kai Henschel           
  15. Christophe Fischer             
  16. Patric Weiss                       

Most Impressiv Objectiv: Sebastien Freudiger
Best Rookie:                     Wil Gijsbers

Thank you all for participating and congratulations to the winners. It was a great event and we hope to see you soon.

Thanks for reading.