Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

Welcome to a New Year!

The new year is already two weeks old we know, never the less we wish you a happy new year!

We started this blog half a year ago so it seams to be a good moment to take a look back. 

The main reason in starting a blog were the many inspiring blogs out there and we needed a place to post the battle reports for wwpd's "Operation Overlord" campaign. 

It seams that the reports we posted were enjoyed we even got a feature on the campaign site and two medals ( 

We finished of the year with a painting project for north africa (

But now it's time to start a new year.

Like many gamers we start the year with a lot of promises to our self in the hope to at least not break them in the first 4 months of the year. So here are our new years resolutions:

  • finish the "Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier Kompanie"
  • finish the british Paratroopers
  • finish the Indians for north africa
  • paint a small jordanian force
  • maybe start an early war army

  • finish a playable list of american airborne for mid and late war
  • finish a playable list of germans for mid and late war
  • expand the germans into early war

  • finish 3 already started projects befor starting a new one (DAK, Kampfgruppe Peiper...)
  • organize an D-Day themed event
  • write at least 12 battle reports

Thank you for reading have a nice 2014 and good luck for your next game.