Montag, 23. Dezember 2013

The Sands of North Africa, Deutsches Afrikakorps, Update 2

An update of the progress so far on the DAK. In the recent thanksgiving sell by BF I bought a lot of new stuff for the DAK and I kind of went of the planed road and ended up painting tanks instead of the "88" which were on the army list for the second 500 points. I hope that I will find the time in the next few days to do them. But never the less Maurus and I managed to get in two games of 500 and 1000 points. Reports will follow soon. But now here what I've painted so far.
All I've so far painted for the DAK.

CiC and 2iC of my "Panzers"

Hauptmann Helmut Kretschmann in his Panzer 3 L (but he will for now be just what ever Pz3 I need for my CiC)

Oberleutnant Dieter Weber in his Panzer 3 G

Panzer 3 G Platoon

Panzer 3 J (late) platoon

Panzer 4 F2 Platoon (one Commander missing)

Diana tankhunters (Crew missing)
Some Transports

So far the new stuff. Since this is an update I want to give you a look into the next step for January.
I already have painted 5 Panzer 2's, 2 Bisons and 2 Panzer 4 F1 which just need decals. I've got some Pioneers, Schützen, 10.5 Howitzers, Stützpunktnests, PaK38 and BMW Motorcycles in the pipeline to be painted.  

We'll see what I can paint since we're doing a lot of scenary for our tournament ( Thank you for reading cheers - Markus