Montag, 23. Dezember 2013

The Sands of North Africa, Battle Report (500P.)

As we finished our first 500 points for our painting challenge we did a first battle. We went for a Free for All and it ended in a silly charge of the Indian infantry which was repelled. So this is no full report it's more a picture dump.

Indian infantry in the center

The Indian left flank

German infantry dug in on the end of the airfield.
More german infantry ready to go into the town

German HMGs on the right flank of the german line hold an objectiv

German infantry advances into the town

With a war cry the indians move out of thier foxholes to advance in the cover of an ancient monument

Knowing no fear the poor bloody infantry advances along the main road into the town

German infantry shifting from the airfield into the town to bolster the defence

Despite the hail of machine gun fire the Indians advance

On the indian left flank the infantry moves out hoping to survive the fire of the german HMG's

Indian infantry closes the gap and tries to assault but the attack is repeled by the germans soon after the british major orders a retreat