Montag, 23. Dezember 2013

The Sands of North Africa, Battle Report (500P.)

As we finished our first 500 points for our painting challenge we did a first battle. We went for a Free for All and it ended in a silly charge of the Indian infantry which was repelled. So this is no full report it's more a picture dump.

Indian infantry in the center

The Indian left flank

The Sands of North Africa, Deutsches Afrikakorps, Update 2

An update of the progress so far on the DAK. In the recent thanksgiving sell by BF I bought a lot of new stuff for the DAK and I kind of went of the planed road and ended up painting tanks instead of the "88" which were on the army list for the second 500 points. I hope that I will find the time in the next few days to do them. But never the less Maurus and I managed to get in two games of 500 and 1000 points. Reports will follow soon. But now here what I've painted so far.