Dienstag, 27. August 2013

Mid War, Dust Up German - Panzergrenadiere vs. American Parachute Rifle

A bit of time has past since Operation Overlord. With the recent discussions about Late War balance and an up coming Mid War tournament in october we decided to get deeper into this period. We haven't done a lot of Mid War so there is a lot to discover.

For this report Philipp wanted to try his midwar build for his Airborneboys and I had a go with a Panzergrenadierlist from Eastern Front. Missing some of the models we had to proxy a bit.

Parachute Rifle Company (North Africa):
Company HQ with two Bazookas
Parachute Rifle Platoo, 2 Squads with Bazooka
Parachute Rifle Platoo, 2 Squads with Bazooka 
Parachut Machine-Gun Platoon, 1 Section
Parachut Anti-Aircraft Artillery Platoon
Field Artillery Batter, 4 M2A1 105mm howitzer
Armored Recon Platoon, 1 Patrol
Tank Platoon, 5 M4 Sherman

Panzergrenadierkompanie (Eastern Front):
Company HQ
Panzergrenadier Platoon, with Mortar Squad
Panzergrenadier Platoon, with Mortar Squad
Panzergrenadier Mortar Platoon, with 2 Sections
Panzergrenadier Machine-Gun Platoon, with 2 Sections
1943 Schweres Panzer Platoon, 1 Tiger 1E
Tank-Hunter Platoon, 4 Marder 3M
Rocket Launcher Battery, 3 15cm NW41
Half-tracked Panzerspäh Platoon, 1 Patrol

The Mission: Dust Up

We rolled and came up with Dust Up.

The Deployment and Battlefield

 German deployment in the lower left quater, US in the top right.

The Battle

The Americans have the initative and swing out for an agressiv opening move. In retrospectiv maybe a bit to agressiv.
 Shermans move out to the left.
 The paratrooper move at the double along the tracks

 To respond to the american opening move, the Tiger moves out of cover and starts machine-guning the paratroopers. They are also hit by the mortars this turn resulting in a few casualties.
The HMG's switch positions to handle the offensiv. In the back the marders move out to put some pressure on the forward objectiv and give the americans something to think about.

It seams to work the paratroopers are unable to unpin and the shermans dont move, they shoot at the mortars killing two tubes.

 The paras rally and press on the shermans move up too.

 The american artillery tries to pin the HMG's but doesn't score a hit.
The paras are hit by the HMG's, Mortars and Marders.

The Tiger manages to kill one and bail another Sherman.

 Reserves start to arrive and race back to defend the own objectivs. The threat of german reserves arriving and overruning the US deployment zone is iminent.
Paratroopers coming from reserves try to get the HMG's from the back.

Brave to the last man the platoon in the front presses on with the attack. At this point the HMG's are pinned.
With luck the attack is repelled.

 With the front secure the Tiger moves to the back.
 With two rounds of fire the recce drives off the artillery battery.
Panzergrenadiers from reserve arrive and take the objectiv.

Not able to contest the objectiv and after a bad roll for machine-gun fire from the Shermans, Phil calls the game, a 6-1 for the Panzergrenadiers.