Freitag, 5. Juli 2013

Operation Overlord - Juno Beach

"Ici Londres! Les Français parlent aux Français...
Les sanglots longs
Des violons
De l’autome
Blessent mon cœur
D’une langueur Monotone."

We, that's our local gaming group here in Switzerland, want to take part in this Great Crusade, and here we have our first battlereport. Mauri and I played a Hit the Beach Mission in the Canadian Sector of the Landings. As we don't own all the special modells we had to proxy some of the fortifications, DD Shermans, Crabflails and the Commandos are not painted.


Good luck! And let us beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking.

Markus/s Assault Company (3rd Canadian)
  • HQ
  • 3 Full Assault Platoon
  • 1 Comando Company
  • Breaching Group with 4 AVRE
  • 3 DD Sherman
  • 4 Priests
  • AOP
Mauris/s Festungskompanie Normandy (Sword)
  • HQ (Panzerknacker)
  • Sword Widerstandsnest (Pak40 Pillbox, Pak38 Pillbox, 4 HMG Nests, 3 Mortar Nest)s
  • 4 Minefields
  • 2 Barbed Wire
  • Full Füsilier Platoon
  • Full Ost Grenadier Platoon
  • Festungs Artillery Battery


Center of the table

Markus/s Assault Company (3rd Canadian)
  • Assault Platoons
  • AVRE Section
  • Assault Battery
  • 2 Commando Platoon
Mauris/s Festungskompanie Normandy (Sword)
  • Füsilier Platoon
  • Ost Grenadier Platoon

Markus/s Assault Company (3rd Canadian): The first wave consists of two Assault Platoons, an AVRE Section, and the FlailSection
Mauris/s Festungskompanie Normandy (Sword): Mauri placed his Pillboxes on both ends of the beach, the KwK Nest covers the center, minefields block most of the beachwall, barbed wire is laid down in the center of the table, he places his artillery in the backfield


First wave a shore.

Three HMG Nests wipe out most of the first canadians a shore.

Mauris/s Festungskompanie Normandy (Sword): Three HMG Nests open up on the first Assault Platoon on the beach, which is all most wiped out. The PaK40 hits the leader of the Flail Section but misses its firepower.
Markus/s Assault Company (3rd Canadian): The preliminary bombardment scores two kills on the artillery batterie. The first wave tries to land, but only one DD Sherman, the Flail Section and one Assault Platoon make it. The rest is delayed.


Start of turn two.

    Mauris/s Festungskompanie Normandy (Sword): Shooting is mostly ineffectiv, the artillery still pinned down from the bombardment keep the heads down.
    Markus/s Assault Company (3rd Canadian): 2 DD Sherman arrive on the beach, the rest is still delayed. The company command team takes cover behind the Pak40 Pillbox.

    TURN 3

    DD Sherman start taking out one HMG Nest after the other

    Mauris/s Festungskompanie Normandy (Sword): Pak40 kills the Crab which crossed the minefield, artillery ranges in on the commandos killing two teams. Füsilier arrive out of reserve.
    Markus/s Assault Company (3rd Canadian): To the sound of "Black Bear" the first commando platoon makes it a shore. One of the Crabs gets across the mine field.

    TURN 4

    Mauris/s Festungskompanie Normandy (Sword): The remainig HMG Nests shoot at the new arrived teams. Füsiliers move closer to the beach.
    Markus/s Assault Company (3rd Canadian): On the right flank the commandos assualt the Pak38 Pillbox taking it out. In the center an assault platoon and the second commando platoon arrieve but get mostly stuck due to the obstacles. The AVRE are still looking for their landing site.

    TURN 5

    Commandos take out the other Pillbox

    End of Turn 5

    Mauris/s Festungskompanie Normandy (Sword): With both AT-Pillboxes out of action the defences start to crumble. Now it is just a matter of time until the armor will crush the defence, never the less the mortar pits and other teams still try to make the canadians pay for each centimeter of ground they take.
    Markus/s Assault Company (3rd Canadian): On the left flank the commandos supported by the company command team take out the Pak40 Pillbox. The commandos on the right flank move up closer to attack in direction of the objectiv the next turn. In the center due to missing pioneering equipment the progress to clear the beach exit is still mostly not existing.

    TURN 6 - 10

    More and more equipment arrives.

    After Turn 5 the outcome was clear, in Turn 6 the Commandos on the right flank attacked the objectiv on the street and took it in a short bloody assault, holding it for the rest of the game. In Turn 8 the canadians took control of the other objectiv, but the Ost Grenadiere could contest it. After Turn 9 Mauri called the game. A 5-2 Victory for the Canadians. It was a fun game and a nice opening to 5 weeks of Normandy gaming.

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