Freitag, 19. Juli 2013

Operation Overlord - German Counterattack at Le-Molay-Littry

For our third battlereport we decided to go for a German counterattack towards the Omaha Beach/Sword Beach sector. Le-Molay-Littry is a important traffic hub in that region and so the Germans unleashed the dreaded Tiger tanks of 503. Schwere Panzerkompanie against it.

Attacker, Schwere Panzerkompanie, 503. Schwere Panzerabteilung:

Kompanie HQ, 1x Tiger 1E
Schweres Panzer Platoon, 4x Tiger 1E
Schweres Panzer Platoon, 2x Tiger 1E
21. Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon, 2x 8.8cm FlaK36 with extra Crew
21. Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier Platoon, 3x Squads

Between the Beaches and the attacking Panzers lies the 2nd Infantry Division and "The Indianheads" are keen to repel the attack.

Defender, Rifle Company, 2nd Infantry Division:

Company HQ, with 2x Bazookas
Rifle Platoon, 3x Squads
Rifle Platoon, 3x Squads
Intelligence & Recon Platoon, 3x Squads
Anti-Tank Platoon, 3x Section and 3x Bazooka
Independent Tank Platoon, 5x M4A1 Sherman
Independent Tank Platoon, 4x M4A1 Sherman
Field Artillery Battery, 4x M2A1 105mm howitzer
Corps Armored Field Artillery Battery, 6x M7 Priests HMC
Priority Air Suport, P-47

The mission was: Hold the Line

"Captain, Elements of 503. Heavy Tankbattalion are on the way for the town of Le-Molay-Littry. You must hold the line at any cost! If you fail they might threaten the security of the beachhead. Good Luck!"

The Battlefield


In the early morning hours an plane made this photo from the battlefield.

The Deployment:

"Lieutenants, heavy Tiger Tanks are on their way towards our current position, divisions staff wants us to hold the line at all costs. Lieutenant, Harris, take your Platoon and block the streets leaving the town in the north and northwest, make good use of the bazookas as we lack AT capabilities with out our heavy equipment. Lieutenant, Martin, I want you and your 57mm guns in a nice ambush position, give Fritz a nice suprise. Captain Walker, I need your howitzers in the field and be ready to engage the enemy at close range. I will set up the company comand in the orchyard near the north road." 

"Sir, sorry to interrupt but Division has dispached a Armored Field Artillery Battery, Captain Clark and his Priest will arrive shortly. Division also sends some Shermans but they got stuck some were on the way in."

"Well that might give us a chance, and Radiomen get me Lieutenant Lewis and his Rifle Platoon on the Line. Well that's it, good luck, dismissed!"

The Americans deploy.

The Battle:

On the far side of the town the sound of the Maybach engines can be heard.

 "Sir, there they come!" 

Infantry and Tanks move out of the wood on the south side of the town.

Another three Tiger come across the hill in the east.

"... Red Leg this is Big Boy, Fire mission, Direction 1800, distance 300, Kraut Tank, fire for effect. Hit them hard! ... "

As the smoke clears the Tiger roll unharmed.

"Sergeant, what shall we do?" - "Steady boys keep your head down, wait..."
"I'm going in!... Ckrachhh Wushhhh"

Meanwhile on the other side of the Town...
The earth shakes as the three 57ton beasts rumble through the french countryside.

 "Now boys, hit them hard!" ... "Sir, our shells just bounce of those beasts!"  
Lieutenant Martin springs his ambush, but the shells of the 57mm Guns just bounce of the thick armor of the Tiger.

On the Westside the Tigers close in, one Tiger gets hit by a howitzershell... 


  "They try to bury us. Fall back in to the wheatfield."
The initial assault of the heavy tanks pushes the defenders back in the wheatfield.

"Get me the Captain on the Line... Captain we can not hold them back any longer were are those damn tanks!"

From reserve the Shermans arrive, guns blazing the open up a Tiger in the east.

 "Ami Panzer, rechts, 50 Meter, räuchert sie aus!"
In return fire two shermans get bailed.

"... Red Leg this is Big Boy, Fire mission, Direction 1800, distance 300, Kraut Infantrie in the open, fire for effect. ... "

The bloody struggle for the northwestern road continues.
 "Wood get them with the bazooka!" "Sergeant do you wanna kill me!" "Get out there Wood!"
In a assault a Tiger is blown up by Privat Wood, the rest of the Platoon takes heavy casualties.

More Shermans and the Rifle Platoon of Lieutenant Lewis arrive.
 "Hurray there comes the cavalery!"
With a ripping sound the 8.8's of the Tigers open up, the Shermans have no chance.
"Are you stupid Wood get your head down!"
Meanwhile on the other side of the battlefield...
 "Flank them!"
First the Shermans manages to kill another Tiger in return the take a loss. But as they go out to hunt down the German Ace...

...they take two more casualties and flew the battlefield. The German Ace is now free to drive into the artillery postion.

The Priests move out to at least die trying...
  "Try to get him in the side..."
Despite their cunning the effort is in vain, the armor proofs to thick for the 105mm Howitzer...

On the road the carnages continues, as the  remaining Tiger open up on Lieutenant Lewis Platoon.
The battle wages back and forth both Rifle Platoons are hit hard and reduced to just the Platoon Comander, a Rifle Team and a Bazooka.
The Battle seams lost as both platoons are pinned down unable to contest the objectiv...

"Hit him, we have but one try!"
Unopposed Lieutanent Martins and 3 Bazookateams of the Anti Tank Gun Platoon have moved down the road in the flank of the Tigers. Private Gonzales shoots on the Tiger in range bailing it, giving the 2nd ID another Turn.
There are no pictures but Private Gonzales manages the same thing in the next round again, able to attack the Tiger in close combat he manages to put the Stealbeast out of action.

The last remaining Tiger of the Platoon fights on. But the rest of Lieutenant Lewis Platoon comes in for the kill.

"At Attention!" "Private Gonzales, I'm proud to have you under my comand, your actions on this day may have saved the whole Invasion, I will recommend you for a medal."

A true nail biter, the battle could have swung in ether favour, thats why we play Flames of War. It was a hard won 4-3 for the Allies. I'd like to thank Philipp for this truely magnificent battle, one we surely will remember for a while. And maybe we will hear from the Captain and his men again...