Montag, 15. Juli 2013

Operation Overlord - Attack on Lison

Our second battlereport for Operation Overlord. This time my Armored Rifles hit Philipps Grenadierkompanie in a Fithing Withdrawal.

 "Vor der Kaserne,
Vor dem großen Tor,
Steht n'Laterne,
Und steht sie noch davor,
 Dort woll'n wir uns wieder seh'n,
Bei der Laterne wollen wir steh'n,
Wie einst, Lili Marleen.

Armored Rifle Company 4th Armored Division
  • HQ with Bazooka
  • 2 Armored Rifle Platoon
  • 6 Priest
  • Armored Anti-Tank Platoon
  • Recon Platoon
  • 5 Sherman M4A1
  • HQ
  • 3 Grenadier Platoon
  • Grenadier Scout Platoon
  • Grenadier Machine-Gun Platoon
  • 3 PaK40
  • 3StuG G
  • 5 Panzer IV (SS)
  • 3 Nebelwerfer
  • 4 15cm sFH18


Table befor deployment.

Deployed forces, the objectives are in the wheat on the far side, on the road in the center and on the hill at the bottom.

Armored Rifle Company 4th Armored Division: On the left flank the Recon Platoon and an Armored Rifle Platoon are deployed. In the Center an Armored Rifle Platoon and the Armored Anti-Tank Platoon are ready to kick the Germans out of the small town, on the right flank the shermans will try to flank the objectiv and the Priest drive in to position.
Grenadierkompanie: One Grenadier Platoon and the Panzer IV deploy near the objectiv on the hill. The center is hold by the Scouts and a HMG Platoon, StuG's are in the forrest ready to swing on either side of the battlefield. The last objective is coverd by two Grenadier Platoons and the Artillery in the back. PaK40 go in the ambush.


End of Turn 1

Armored Rifle Company 4th Armored Division: On the right flank the Shermans advance, on the left the Recon Platoon moves out to lure the germans out of their foxholes. Shooting is lagerly ineffectiv only one Grenadierteam is destroyed.
Grenadierkompanie: On the left flank a Grenadier Platoon advances, Panzer IV move towards the objectiv. On the right Grenadier advance to the bocage hedgerow.


End of Turn 2.

Armored Rifle Company 4th Armored Division: The Sherman open up on the Grenadiers with advanced so reckless in to the open. The Artillery repeats the bombardment and kills one sFH18.
Grenadierkompanie: The surviving Grenadiers move in to the closest building. The Panzer IV kill all but one Recon Jeep. The StuG's try to move bogging one. The Nebelwerfer manage to range in on the Company Comand Team and kill it.


End of Turn 3.

Armored Rifle Company 4th Armored Division: The remaining Reconjeep withdrawals of the table. The Shermans move up to the building shooting the Grenadiers so Philipp can't remove this easy choice next turn. The Armored Platoon brings the transport up and moves out. The artillery tries to range in on the StuG's but fails. Two P-47 try to bomb a dreaded Panzer but miss.
Grenadierkompanie: The Germans withdraw the Scouts. The Panzer IV move up shooting at the dug in G.I.'s killing a team.


End of Turn 4.

Armored Rifle Company 4th Armored Division: The Shermans flank the StuG's still in the Forrest killing to of them, but the last one fights on. The Armored Rifles move to the right flank. Again the Airforce comes in for a bombing run, again a miss.
Grenadierkompanie: The surviving StuG gets wihtdrawn. The PaK40 spring their ambush in the wheat field but manage to bail just one Sherman.


End of Turn 5.

Armored Rifle Company 4th Armored Division: The Armored Rifles move up on the right flank. The Shermans open up on the PaK40's killing two. With most guns out of action they attack the surviving Teams, pushing the Grenadiers and the PaK 40 back.
Grenadierkompanie: The Panzer IV move up the road to the center. The Artillery hits the too tightly packed Halftracks but kills just one halftrack and one team with it.


The americans have taken the objectiv.

Armored Rifle Company 4th Armored Division: The armored rifles dismount advancing and attacking the last Grenadiers in the wheatfield. The artillery and Shermans knock out the sFH18 guns.
Grenadierkompanie: With all hope gone Philipp calls the game.
It was a fun battle, but it seamed to me that Philipp was somehow distracted, and didn't play 100%. Luckily for the Allies a 6-1.

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